Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wave Electric Bikes

Welcome To the Exciting New e-Bike

The bicycle has for years an enjoyable way to move around, get a workout, and even get to all the places a busy man or woman might wish to get to. The only problem with the bike is that it is fueled by human muscle. But what if you could have the many advantages of a bicycle, and also get the extended range of power-assist, and a more enjoyable excursion? Now anyone can! Welcome to the Wave Electric Bikes line of electric bicycles, the most functional, classy and cool electric bicycle.

Updating the eBike Market

The new Wave electric bicycles are revolutionizing the electric bicycle market. Sold for an amazingly low price point contesting any e-Bike previously on the market, the product line includes the Wave e-Bike beach cruiser, the Lady Wave (a step-through eBike), the Mountain Wave and the Duo Wave. Available in various colors, these eBikes increase your effective range, enabling you to glide in ease on effortless full-electric mode or use pedal assist mode to be able to additionally enhance your riding distance. Offering an amazing speed, these eBikes don't simply take you farther; these eBikes take you there quicker.
Anywhere you want to go, now you can arrive in style. And you will never be tired after you arrive. Or perhaps cruise for over 50 miles without a destination in mind! With the Wave eBike you can travel about without difficulty to work, to the beach, around the city and to wherever you desire. The original Wave eBike and the Lady Wave can tackle grass, sand, pavement and more. In the event you want to travel on geography a little tougher to take on, that's where the Mountain Wave comes in. If you are keen to do some peaceful cruising with a partner on the same e-Bike, go with the Duo Wave.